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Things to do in Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Our tours are always changing with new stories and new venues to visit.  If you haven't taken a tour, come join us.  If you have taken a tour, come back again, as the story is always engaging and evolving! See tour descriptions below.

Schedule a Private Tour!

   Any of our regularly scheduled tours can be chosen for a private tour for a minimum of 6 people. If you want a more general city sampler tour, we can put that together too.  We limit the walking tours to maximum of 20 guests. If there are more, we can add another guide and split the group into two tours to accommodate 40. If the group is more than 40, we can add a third guide to accommodate up to 60.  Contact us for your next group outing, party, or just for fun! 


Gangsterland Walking Tour of Downtown St. Paul - Walk the same St. Paul streets frequented by famous gangsters of the 1930’s! Learn why St. Paul rolled out the red carpet for the likes of John Dillinger, the Barker brothers, Baby Face Nelson and many more. Find out why Minnesota was so important to Prohibition and the bootlegging industry. You’lll enjoy looking at beautiful buildings while learning about gangsters and a lot of history about St. Paul along way. In case of heavy rain or in the winter, this tour is conducted in St. Paul's extensive skyway system.

Ghosts & Gables Haunted Summit Ave Walking Tour 

Ghosts & Gables Haunted Summit Avenue Walking Tour - Join your Victorian ghost guide for a relaxing 1.2 mile stroll along Saint Paul's historic Summit Avenue, considered one of the most beautiful streets in the country. View the many stately Victorian mansions of this preservation district while hearing stories of the hauntings within that will perhaps give you a shiver, a tingle or a laugh. You’ll also learn some fun St. Paul history along the way.

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Union Depot Haunted History Tours - St. Paul’s gorgeous Union Depot train station was the dream of railroad baron James J. Hill and was the largest construction project of the 20th century in St. Paul. Hear how the railroads literally shaped the city of St Paul, hear the fiery past that let to its creation. Learn why it was important to gangsters and prohibitionists and hear some ghost stories for the building along the way. The tour is almost entirely inside the Union Depot and will happen rain or shine. 

The Good, the Bad, the Irish

The Good, the Bad, and the Irish - Take a stroll through beautiful historic downtown to hear about the Irish legends who help shape St. Paul, from godfathers to good guys! Hear how Irish mobster Dapper Dan Hogan set a dubious precedent, how Archbishop John Ireland and the Catholic church dramatically shaped the city, how Irish police chief John O’Connor dealt with the city’s gangster problem. Also hear about some of the city's most famous Irish residents like author F. Scot Fitzgerald and Madame Nina Clifford. In case of heavy rain or in the winter, this tour is conducted in St. Paul's extensive skyway system. - AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE TOURS ONLY


CynCity Specialty Tours - CynCity partners with local businesses and organizations to provide unique experiences and delightful entertainment.  Examples of tours and events we provide include tours of St. Paul Brewing, 11 Wells Distillery, Heimie's Haberdashery, Union Depot, CHS Field and the St. Paul Saints. We also do special tours and events as part of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. Watch our homepage for the special events and how to purchase tickets.   

Haunted Rice Park Walking Tour

Haunted Gangsterland Walking Tour of Rice Park - Can't decide between gangsters and ghosts?  Get the best of both in our new tour which begins in beautiful Rice Park, which is surrounded by several haunted buildings!  Join our entertaining guide with thrilling tales gangsters and corruption which haunted Saint Paul less than a century ago...and of the spirits they left behind.  In case of heavy rain or in the winter, this tour is conducted in St. Paul's extensive skyway system. - AVAILABLE  FOR PRIVATE TOURS ONLY

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